Tenant Participation

First Choice recognises the rights of our tenants to not only learn about housing issues but to also be involved in consultation on relevant strategies and policies.

However we respect that not all tenants want to participate and some may only wish to do so on a limited level. Some Tenants may be happier to complete a questionnaire or attend a disco, whereas others may wish to be members of a Tenant Group or Forum or to become involved in the governance of the Association.

Therefore the Association has developed a Tenant Participation Strategy which offers a variety of ways that tenants can take part.

Tenant Participation Strategy

The Association seeks to gather information from our tenants individually as well as in groups. These processes can be both formal and informal.

The various options in which tenants can participate are sent to new First Choice tenants and also outlined in the annual Tenants’ survey. These options are also promoted at the Association’s Annual General Meeting and in the quarterly Tenants’ Voice newsletter.

Levels Of Participation

First Choice is committed to supporting a full range and levels of tenant involvement including:

  • Clear, high quality information to tenants on all relevant issues and changes in services and the Association.
  • Opportunities to express views and be consulted on decisions and proposed changes in the Association.
  • Opportunities to influence priorities and proposed changes, from early in the process, and to contribute to decision making.

How To Take Part

Our range of tenant participation options include:

Tenants' Voice newsletter editorial groups

The Tenant newsletter is currently produced four times a year in conjunction with our tenants through a Newsletter Group. Tenants’ Voice features stories from tenants as well as relevant information about the Association.

Regular sections include tenants’ stories, maintenance news, sports section and green news.

Ivor Choice Club Meetings

Regional Ivor Choice Club Meetings are held three times per year in South, mid and North Wales. The main aim of the meetings is to consult with tenants on the Associations’ policies, procedures and working practices.

Tenant workshops

egional Tenant workshops are run to enable tenants to discuss tenancy related issues with other tenants and the Association’s staff. The events also offer an opportunity for the tenants to socialise, improve their knowledge and enhance their confidence by being involved in group work and speaking in front of their peers.

Discos and social events

Annual discos are also held in mid Wales and North Wales for the associations tenants'

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