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Housing Management


First Choice has a dedicated housing management team.


The team are responsible for tenancy agreements, rents and service charges and tenant participation.


Tenancy agreements


We issue tenancy agreements to new tenants
We end tenancy agreements for tenants who leave their First Choice home
We deal with any issues where tenancy rules have been broken
We deal with Anti-social behaviour
We inform tenants of their rights and responsibilities as a First Choice tenant
We deal with complaints

Rent and Service Charges


We send out rent notification letters to tell tenants and local authorities of annual rent increases.
We monitor changes to service charges claimed by tenants’ support providers.
We deal with rent arrears (money not paid) by housing benefit or our tenants.
We deal with rent repayments. This includes setting up repayment plans if needed.



We have meetings every year with our properties, local authority partners and support providers. to check everything is ok at our properties and with our services


We have Annual Housing Management reviews at all our properties
We have Service Agreement reviews with Support Providers
We have Support Agreement reviews with local authorities
We work in partnership with local authorities and support providers



Our housing management team give training to support providers. Training includes:


Eligible service charges
Tenancy rights and responsibilities
Housing management and maintenance issues


We also hold training sessions for tenants on their rights and responsibilities.




Applying for a First Choice Home


As well as general needs housing we provide housing for people with a disability, veterans and others who require specialised accommodation. 


Our supported living tenants are nominated by the Local Authority Social Services departments. They have 100% nomination rights to our properties.


First Choice does not have a waiting list like other housing associations but you can contact us to talk about your housing options.


If you have a learning disability and you are looking for somewhere new to live you should speak to your Care Manager or Social Worker.


They will have information about First Choice properties in the area where you want to live.


Most of First Choice’s properties have more than one tenant living in them.


Most of our tenants receive support from a Support Provider.


If there is a vacancy in a First Choice supported living property in the area that you want to live, your Care Manager or Social Worker can arrange for you to visit.


This will give you a chance to see the property and meet any other people who live there.



If the property meets your needs, you get on with the other people who live there and you have the support you need to live there, your Local Authority Social Services department will send a nomination form to First Choice.

If you think that First Choice has treated your nomination for housing unfairly you can make an appeal. Please click here for our Appeals Policy or ask First Choice for a copy.  





Your rights and responsibilities



When you move into a First Choice property you are given a


  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Tenant Handbook and DVD called 'Welcome to Your New Home'
  • A workbook about your rights and responsibilities. 


If you have lost any of these things please let us know and we can send you new copies.